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Luxy Property Management
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 by Fayyaz Mahmood

I approached Luxy Property Management because it was recommended to me by a relation who had a good experience in dealing with Luxy Property Management in respect of his own property, Luxy Property Management helped me by locating a number of tenants, negotiating the rent, dealing with the government and other authorities and maintaining the property. This was very important to me because I am based outside the US. The result was that the property has almost always been occupied since I purchased it some years ago and that the tenants tend to generally be long term. One thing I liked was their availability, speed of service, efficiency, providing me with up to date and timely statement of accounts, providing me with transparent information regarding maintenance and repairs and looking out for my interest as an owner. I found the experience professional and value for money. I would definitely recommend Luxy Property Management to people who need an efficient property management and sale and purchase service which is economical and first class. I would single out Jessica Maria as an outstanding property agent.

 by Rick Ditas

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I share comments and experience in real estate investing with Miguel Maria. As a state certified residential appraiser myself I can say that he knows the Business. When I met Miguel he seems to enjoy talking about real estate, not because it is his job but because he is passionate about what he does. The presented me the opportunity to invest by what is commonly knows as “Flipping Houses” and it has been a success for me producing, I have been able to add additional income for me and my family without taking time away from my appraisal business.

I have been able to partner with him in more than 10 transactions grossing over $200,00 in profits over the past years. he has also managed over $2,000,000 worth of real estate and more than $500,000 of rehab budget.

Miguel not only takes care of the projects but he also supervises and hires appropriate contractors in order to complete the projects withim a specified time and withim budget. He also markets the properties and sells the properties sometimes even before the hit market which shows how successful he is in selling and delivering what he promised to the buyers. Even though competition in this industry is tough he manages to find deals and selling them for good profit allowing me to have an additional income without much supervision or time on my part other than reviewing market data to compare notes.

With Miguel’ s help, I have been able to obtain an addtional income while focusing on my business, I continue to invest with him in the near future and I don’t see only reasons to slow.

 by Elbert Prado

It is with Pleasure that I would like to introduce Miguel Maria, as a long time real estate business professional. I have Known Miguel forever seven years and during this period of time, we have successfully executed more the fifteen property transactions that have been very beneficial for my company M&EP Investments.

With Miguel’s advice, support, and management I as owner of M&EP Investment, have increased the market valve of my property portfolio by over 40% which has largely contributed to my company achieving a steady income yielding over 11% based on acquisition value.

Miguel’s Knowledge spans beyond just buying and selling real estate. His broader Knowledge in valuations, property management, assets improvement and contacts with related industry partners are the essential attributes that make attributes that make him a very successful real estate professional.

 by Jose Hernandez

I have known and work with Miguel Maria for over seven years. He was introduced to me by a log time friend from high school who spoke highly of him as a real estate investor and a Realtor. Since then I have partnered with him and his team and his team and successfully purchase, rehabbed and sold over 20 properties where he has been instrumental in finding great deals, managing estimates from contractors, paying them managing the properties until sold and even sometimes take care of the closings himself.

He oversees and supervises every project and really goes above and beyond on taking care of not only providing a superior product than the competition but also taking care of every property always working on getting the best return.

Not Only I look forward on continuing doing business with Miguel and his team, but I plan to expand my real estate investing portfolio with his help and Knowledge. His dedication, honesty, and ethics are key factors to his success in the real estate industry and key for the success of my real estate investing business.

 by Luis Di Lauro

Since Beginning in 2010 I started to acquire properties in South Florida and I had to find a reliable company to manage my rentals. At that time I was traveling to Latin America every week and had no time to take care of any matter relatad to my properties. After some months of trying a couple of managers that didn’t cover my expectations, a very good friend recommended Luxy Property Management. I was looking for somebody that can manage my properties and tenants as they were the owners, and that is what I found since the first week with Jessica and her team. The level of commitment, proactivity and responsibility was at the top since the first interaction, and after 7 years of buying, selling and renting under their property management services I definitely will recommended Luxy Property to anyone who need a business partner to be your eyes, ears and most important, your hands with your tenants and properties.

 by Jorge & Cybel

I didn't want to miss the opportunity to thank you for the great job you did in managing this property for us in the almost 7 years we owned it. You were a role model of efficiency, customer service and attention to details in the way you managed it. Not only the consistency in communicating monthly deposit status, but when there was a maintenance, repair, or any other problem to be solved, it was evident to us you had taken in consideration different factors to solve the problem well, as well as having our long term interest in mind. Thank you very much for the experience; we know you will be successful in doing this type of endeavor, or any other you embark on.